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The Great Plains Zoo's "Zoo for All" program gives thousands of socially or economically challenged individuals an opportunity to make a unique connection to the world around them. We believe everyone, but especially children, should have the opportunity to visit the Zoo.

Zoo for All helps more than 1,000 individuals each year but the need far outweighs the funding available. Thanks to generous donors, we've given away almost $13,000 in tickets this year - but our fund is dry. Can you help revive our wellspring of generosity for those kids who need it the most?

Will you consider a gift to support Zoo for All?

  • $2,500 supports our free, weekly "Bookworms" Reading Program for a year.
  • $1,000 gives free Zoo admission to 23 families of four. 
  • $500 gives a full day of ZooMobile programs to a poverty level school. 
  • $250 supports six families of four to come visit the Zoo. 
  • $100 allows four kids to come to ZooCamp. 
  • $50 connects a family of five to an amazing Zoo experience. 

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Other Areas of Need

Thanks to the generous support it receives, the Great Plains Zoo continues to offer exciting new exhibits, quality educational programs, and an unparalleled setting for recreation and discovery. There are several ways you can support the Great Plains Zoo.

Operating Budget

Each year, the Great Plains Zoo spends approximately $200,000 on food for the 1,000 animals in our care. Lights and heat for the animals cost an additional $200,000. A gift to the Zoo’s general fund helps us continue to provide our animals with the best care possible, and supports our mission of education, conservation, recreation and discovery -- a mission supported by a $4.9 million budget. For more information, please call 605.367.8313, ext. 113, or email our Development Department. 

Corporate and Business Memberships

As a corporate and business member, your support helps support the Zoo while also showing a commitment to education, conservation, recreation and discovery, and quality of life in the community we call home. Your membership helps us engage more than 300,000 annual visitors, educate 40,000 area children, care for more than 1,000 animals, and work as a key player in 43 Species Survival Plans. For more information, please call 605.367.8313, ext. 113, or email our Development Department.

Planned Giving

Planned gifts to the Great Plains Zoo help ensure future generations have an opportunity to make connections to the natural world, and see animals they might otherwise only see in a text book.  

Planned giving opportunities at the Zoo include a donation of stocks/securities to the Zoo, or making a bequest to the Zoological Society of Sioux Falls in wills, trusts, retirement plans and insurance policies.  

The Great Plains Zoo would be happy to work with you and your advisor to help determine the most appropriate way for you to give while achieving your goals.

The Zoological Society of Sioux Falls does not offer tax or financial planning advice. Please contact your financial planning professional or estate planning attorney for advice on planned giving.

Conservation Fund

The Great Plains Zoo is a key player in 43 Species Survival Plans including Amur Tigers, Eastern Black Rhinoceros and Siamang Gibbons. Important work is being done right here in Sioux Falls, SD in order to create healthy populations of these precious animals worldwide. The Zoo also supports the work of global conservation efforts worldwide including the International Rhino Foundation, the Snow Leopard Trust, and others.     

In addition to caring for more than 1,000 animals, the Great Plains Zoo serves as a regional rehabilitation facility for raptors and other native wildlife. In this role, the Zoo actively rehabilitates wild birds that are injured and sick for re-release into the wild. These wild birds have included Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Red-Tailed Hawks, Harlan’s Hawks, Great Horned Owls, Snowy Owls, and many other species.  

A gift to our Conservation Fund helps make these important conservation efforts possible. Your gift can be designated for one or all of these projects.  For more information, please call 605.367.8313, ext. 113, or email our Development Department.

  • Love this zoo! Great place to get a walk in and the animals are everywhere! The museum/indoor part is very educational too. Has a lot of shade for when it's hot out. Very clean. Friendly staff.

    Taylor FSioux Falls
  • We love to visit the zoo. They have great outdoor exhibits and lots to do inside as well. Great for kids and adults.

    Robin A
  • Lots of great exhibits and animals to see! Fun gift shop and learning center.

    Stephanie N
  • A really great zoo featuring some exotic species and I liked the focus on conservancy/breeding to preserve species for the rhinos. The safari area's cheetah was awesome to see. During a week day going, it was quite open to walk around and enjoy without too much crowding.

    Joseph H
  • The museum gives you a break from the sun on hot summer days and has a great selection of animal exhibits from around the world. ¬†The zoo keeps growing and adding new animal habitats or improving existing ones. ¬†Membership offers reciprocal benefits to other zoos around the country.

    Bill T