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  • Gpz Bongo Baby 2022

Zoo Welcomes Endangered Bongo Calf

March 8, 2022


The Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History (GPZ) team is happy to announce the birth of a male eastern bongo antelope. The calf was born Monday, March 1, with the help of the GPZ Animal Care team.

The calf is nursing well and bonding with his mother, seven-year-old Zahara. The calf’s father is Beau, GPZ’s 10-year-old male eastern bongo. This is the pair’s second calf and second male offspring.  

Gpz Bongo Baby 2022 3 Gpz Bongo Baby 2022 2 Gpz Bongo Baby 2022

Guests can view the new baby bongo in the Hoofstock Building, which is located across from the Vet Clinic and Giraffe Barn in the southwest corner of the Zoo. This spring and summer, he will join his parents on the GPZ African Savanna.

Visitors will notice a couple distinctive features on the calf – including very large ears and a distinctive stripe pattern. These are adaptations to help bongos avoid predators in the wild. The calf’s horns will likely start showing within four months and, unlike antlers on deer species, bongos do not shed their horns.

Eastern bongos are critically endangered due to poaching and habitat destruction, with only 75-140 adult animals surviving in the wild. However, more than 300 eastern bongos are prospering in zoos as part of the AZA Species Survival Plan.

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  • The museum gives you a break from the sun on hot summer days and has a great selection of animal exhibits from around the world. ¬†The zoo keeps growing and adding new animal habitats or improving existing ones. ¬†Membership offers reciprocal benefits to other zoos around the country.

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