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Canis rufus

Just like their name implies, red wolves are known for the reddish color of their fur behind their ears and along their neck and legs. Red Wolves are mostly brown or buff colored with some black along their backs.   

Red Wolves are extremely endangered.  It is estimated that there are fewer than a hundred Red Wolves surviving in northeastern North Carolina; this is the world’s only wild population of Red Wolves.

  • Love this zoo! Great place to get a walk in and the animals are everywhere! The museum/indoor part is very educational too. Has a lot of shade for when it's hot out. Very clean. Friendly staff.

    Taylor F.
  • We love to visit the zoo. They have great outdoor exhibits and lots to do inside as well. Great for kids and adults.

    Robin A.
  • Lots of great exhibits and animals to see! Fun gift shop and learning center.

    Stephanie N.
  • The museum gives you a break from the sun on hot summer days and has a great selection of animal exhibits from around the world.  The zoo keeps growing and adding new animal habitats or improving existing ones.  Membership offers reciprocal benefits to other zoos around the country.

    Bill T.