Snow Monkeys

Macaca fuscata Snow Monkeys

Animal Class:


Status in the Wild:

Social Climbers

Female Snow Monkeys have a rigid social structure with infants inheriting their mother’s rank. They even “perch” in the order of their rank, with the highest ranking animals sitting at the highest spots in the trees, and the others perching below. In larger groups, males tend to pass in and out of the troop, but in smaller groups an alpha male or “chief” may emerge.


What’s That You Say?

Snow Monkeys have a complex communication system, with more than 30 vocalizations and a wide range of facial expressions and body gestures. Recent studies found that they can develop different accents based on where they live, just like us.


The Great Plains Zoo is one of only 13 Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited zoos to hold Snow Monkeys.  In 2015, the Great Plains Zoo’s Snow Monkey exhibit received the Top Honors in Exhibit Design Award from the AZA.

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