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Rare Breed Goats

Goats Capra hircus Rare Breed Goats

Animal Class:


Status in the Wild:

San Clemente Island Goat  &

African Pygmy Goat

Just Kidding

When female goats give birth to their young, called kids, the process is called “kidding.”

Hoofing It

Goats are agile climbers.  The bottoms of their feet are very soft, which gives them the ability to climb on rocks - or the goat bridges at the Zoo - with a sure footing.

Chewing the Cud

All goats are ruminants, meaning they have a multi-chambered stomach.  Cud is food that is brought back up into the mouth from the stomach.  While resting, goats bring food back up from a stomach chamber and chew it.  They then swallow their food again for more thorough digestion.

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