Endangered Animals

Amur Tiger

Panthera tigris Amur Tiger

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Status in the Wild:

What’s for Dinner?

Tigers can eat 100 pounds of meat a night. That’s 400 hamburgers! Tigers need a lot of food because they go days between meals.   

Where’s My Mom?

Tigers have white spots on the backs of their ears know as “follow me spots”. These markings help tiger cubs locate their mother in the thick, green forest. 

Success Story

In the 1940s, Amur Tigers were on the brink of extinction, with fewer than 40 individuals surviving in the wild. Thanks to vigorous anti-poaching and conservation efforts, the population recovered and remained stable. This species isn’t out of the woods yet, as poaching and loss of habitat continue to threaten them.  Fewer than 400 Amur Tigers survive in the wild.

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