Asian Cats

Snow Leopard

Panthera uncia Snow Leopard

Animal Class:


Status in the Wild:

Going the Distance

Snow Leopards are amazing jumpers; they are able to leap up to 30 feet. Native to the mountains of Central Asia, snow leopards jump onto narrow ledges and barrel down steep slopes as part of a day's hunt.  

Balancing Act

Snow Leopards use their thick, furry tails to aid in balancing, much like you would stretch out your arms to balance on a log. Their tail is nearly as long as their body.

Hazardous Humans

The main threat to the Snow Leopard’s survival comes from human actions. Snow leopards are poached for their thick fur and internal organs used in traditional Chinese medicine; they also suffer from habitat and prey loss. Fewer than 7,000 Snow Leopards exist in the wild.

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