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In 2007, he was a bachelor looking for love.  She was the new girl in town, looking for a mate.  Their blind date was set up by Zoo biologists, looking for the best possible match, since these two would help save their species.

“Bull” and “Salem” quickly became a couple, and are now the proud parents of three spirited boys, “Ricochet,” born in 2008; “Onyx,” born in 2009, and “Liam,” born in 2011.  Not only were these exciting births for our Zoo, they were important to the survival of the entire Siamang Gibbon population.  Siamang Gibbons are endangered.  This species’ numbers have declined by at least 50 percent over the past 40 years, due primarily to hunting for the pet trade and continued habitat loss.       

The Zoo has one of the top-ranked breeding pairs in captivity in North America.  The Great Plains Zoo is a key player toward the success of Siamang Gibbons; it now has four of only 120 Siamang Gibbons in Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA) accredited zoos in the country.   Crucial work is being done right here in Sioux Falls to ensure these animals survive into the future.    


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