African Savannah

Eastern Black Rhinoceros

Diceros bicornis Eastern Black Rhinoceros

Animal Class:


Status in the Wild:
Critically Endangered

Adapted for Survival

The way rhinos are designed suits them well for life in the wilds of Africa. Their tank-like body and tough skin help them pass through dense thickets and thorny bushes to get to needed water. Their keen sense of smell is their primary way to detect danger, and makes up for their poor eyesight.

Mud Bath

Do you wear sunscreen? Rhinos do. It’s true! Rhinos slather themselves with mud to protect their skin from the sun and from biting insects.

Humans Horning In

They have few natural enemies, the biggest threat they face is poaching.They are poached for their horns, as it is used for medicinal purposes in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore. It actually has no medicinal value. Rhino horn is composed of keratin, the same substance that makes up our fingernails and hair.

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